Safety Guide for Experiments at CERN
Part III - Advice

32. Safety Precautions in Labs and Workshops

Activities in development labs are often of unpredictable character. Exotic materials, unorthodox use of tools and equipment and a rapid change of activities when new ideas develop make it difficult, if not impossible, to respect safety regulations. It may even be that no relevant safety regulations exist.

  1. Common Sense
  2. Work Inadapted to Equipment or Premises
  3. The Working Environment
  4. Safe Working Practices Premises

32.1 - Common Sense

In such circumstances, the first precaution to be taken is to apply one's common sense, assisted by as good a knowledge about the characteristics of the stuff to be handled as can be obtained. A brief meditation before attacking the problem may also be beneficial to safe working conditions.

32.2 - Work Inadapted to Equipment or Premises

It is sometimes tempting to use available equipment or tools in a way not originally foreseen or to do some work to which the premises have not been adapted. Although this may be due to a recommendable creativity, a good portion of restraint must be exercised in such cases in order to achieve the intended result. If there subsists the slightest doubt about the suitability of the operation, contact the appropriate SC service so that the necessary precautions can be taken and adequate safety equipment made available. Don't think of the safety organisation as being there to stop you from doing interesting things, it is there to help you achieve success.

32.3 - The Working Environment

32.4 - Safe Working Practices

Approved professional working practices will in general also bring about safe working habits. Nevertheless, the following advice cannot but improve your chances of completing your work successfully.

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